Is an electric bike practical for me? Here are several tips for you

Maybe you are wondering if an electric bike practical for me? Should I buy one? The answer is—– Yes! Electric bikes are very practical. They are powered by a rechargeable electric battery and a motor. They hold several benefits that make them ideally practical for daily transportation. Have a look at the list of their […]

Why DYU S2 Will Be the 2021 New Trendy Smart Electric Bike? Here Are The Reasons Why

Due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent blockade, there was a drop in the production of e-bikes. However, the market is picking up pace as life slowly returns to normal. Due to the pandemic and the risk of pollution, there is a growing interest in purchasing their own commute when commuting […]

What DYU E-Bike is best for you? Here are 2 Simple Tips You Must Know

Many people are facing the same problem when choosing their first E-Bike, “what kinds of DYU E-Bike is best for me?” “What kinds of DYU E-Bike should I buy?” So this article today are trying to solve these kinds of problem. Here are 2 simple tips for you. First: What Kinds of E-Bike is Best […]

2021 DYU Newest Design of Electric Bike Egret L1 is Available Get a Wholesale Price Now

We have unveiled the latest generation of the newest design of Electric Bike called Egret L1. It’s now available to sell in retail and wholesale. Here are vital things you need to know about the Newest design of DYU Egret L1. Unlike the traditional design of DYU, the creation of Egret L1 is inspired by […]

A Stylish Chinese Electric Bike DYU V1 Review on MEGA Magazine

MEGA Magazine — DYU V1 is one of the lightest foldable Chinese electric bikes being available in the market. It’s only 1,100mm long, and the handlebar is only 1,025mm high from the ground, not only convenient for you to carry with it into the elevator or go upstairs, but also very safe when you falling […]

International Worker’s Day Holiday Notice!

During the 2021 International Worker’s Day approaching, the staff of the Fwheel&DYU company wish you a happy holiday with the whole family. Enjoy happiness, expect a stroke of good luck to you. To celebrate International Worker’s Day, our company, based on national regulation and the company’s specific conditions, decided that we would have a vacation […]

Tearing Up The Road With A DYU V1 Smart Electric Bike

James Biggar – The DYU V1 is a ‘smart’ electric bike from F-wheel that has a compact, minimalist design focused on comfort and convenience.   It features long, foldable handlebars and foldable pedals so that you can sit up straight while riding, but also fold the bike into a compact size to easily store it […]