Read Before Riding a Hoverboard: Be Safe Before Being Cool

Hoverboard, aka smart balance board, self balancing scooter, as an new invention becomes extremely popular in 2015 in USA, and it seems get more and more popular in Europe, especially in UK, France, Germany, Sweden and Spain. Great user experience and dashing social attribute are the main feature of this product. However, everything has two sides […]

Three New Design Hoverboards Released by F-wheel

F-wheel company officially launched three new models of hoverboards on 26th June. Those three new hoverboards applied with most advanced and mature self-balancing technology represent the summit in the self balancing scooter field since the famous  Two Wheel Basic model  which was extremely hot in the last few months. Those these hoverboards including  QQ11 ,  […]

iCarbot Becomes Another Popular People Mover After Hoverboard in US

Fashion changes with time and now iCarbot stands out of those fashion products and leads a new vogue trend in America. Meanwhile, people from European Union countries like France, Germany, Italy and Spain, besides the newly independent country UK are all having fun with this new gadget. iCarbot, aka walkcar, four wheel scooter, walking robot, […]

iCarbot Show Time, In House Test

This is our youtube channel, recently we’ve uploaded over 100 iCarbot and hoverboard in house test videos. Please feel free to click below youtube channel to find out more. Of course some new playing ways of iCarbot has been invented by its new users. Looking forward to your outstanding shares.   🙂

Get Hold Of the New Ultimate iCarbot Four Wheel Scooter and Experience Like Never Before

AMAZING! AMAZING!! AMAZING!!! You asked for it and now it’s here. Are you a lover of wheel scooter? Are you looking for a balanced and highly speed wheel scooter?  Are you finding it stressful walking round shopping mall? Do you wish to exercise with your hands moving freely? Then, stop searching, hurry and order for yourIcarbot […]

F-Wheel launches their newest patented 4 wheel hoverboard- the iCarbot

Reported by Gizmochina: F-Wheel today launched their newest hoverboard, the iCarbot. The hoverboard has a unique patented design with 4 wheels, with the front two wheels powering the hoverboard while the rear two wheels acting as support for extra comfort and stability. It is available in two colors, black and white, with the black one […]