Is DYU E-Bike any good? Top 9 reasons why people love about DYU E-Bike

DYU E-Bike enjoys a good reputation both at home and abroad, so why is DYU E-Bike so popular? Here are the reasons. Low in price, good in quality You can check on the website, the price of DYU is always affordable, and the quality is reliable. Light in weight, easy to carry DYU is designed to […]

2021 New DYU Smart Electric Bike Model V1 for More Comfortable Travel

What we’re going to introduce today is DYU V1, one of the latest smart bike models among all DYU seris. More comfortable seats Widen and thickened design makes the rider comfortable in long time riding. No longer have to worry about driving on bumpy roads and getting your buns numb. High elastic cotton core, experience […]

6 Tricks You Must Know When Using DYU Ebike

Different model while cycling Riding mode 2+1:Pure electric mode, assist mode, fitness mode Riding mode is optional. After enjoying the pure electric power mode, you can switch to fitness mode and sweat a lot when you run out of power or just want to ride by yourself. DYU Smart Bike meets your most comprehensive needs. […]

DYU S2, DYU V1 or DYU L1, which smart bike is the best?

In this guide, we’ll examine what sets S2, V1 and L1 apart, what’s different about them, and why you should consider using them as part of your daily life Riding Comfortness DYU S2: Hollow Seat DYU V1: Widened and Thickened Seat DYU L1: Designed with Ergonomics (But the height of seat are no adjustable) So […]

Stock Up DYU Bike Before 2021 Chinese New Year Holiday

The traditional Chinese Spring Festival is tiptoeing with the cold weather and snowflakes. DYU will have a huge holiday for celebration. DYU factory and its shipping agents will stop work for holidays. And we will stop shipping packages and reduce customer service during Spring Festival Holiday except for European countries. After the holiday, we will […]

How to be safer on road with your e-bike: e-bike road rules and etiquette

E-bikes are a great option when it comes to traveling on the road for commuting, fun, or exercise. Not only can you get to your destination faster, you can travel farther than you would be able to on a regular bike – all while reducing your impact on the environment. Workout or sweat-free journey to […]

7 basic common sense for the safe use of electric bicycles

When using an electric bicycle at home, it is sometimes easy to overlook some basic safety operations: such as turning the lights on at night (mainly not for looking cool, but for others to see you), don’t always be lazy and overcharge (making battery easy to explode and catch fire)… …In addition, we should also […]