A DYU rider deliberately chooses a 20cm high green belt for a test.

He leaped down on the DYU smart bike, weighing 180 pounds.

Then land on smoothly and move on. A perfect ride starts with a high-quality and sturdy e-bike frame.

In the pursuit of safe travel,

People sometimes ignore the important protective function of electric bike frames because of the performance configuration of the vehicle.

DYU Smart Bike uses a high-profile precision frame, with high-quality aluminum alloy as the frame material.

It has excellent resistance to bending and compression.

Coupled with a good welding process,

The safety performance of the body has been greatly improved.sturdy mini ebike dyu

For those who experts in electric bikes, their first concern of buying an electric bike is the e-bike frame.

As the whole support of the vehicles, the firmness of the frame directly determines the safety of travel.

DYU uses scientific structural design and excellent frame material to escort you to every safe ride.

DYU D3F Smart Electric Bike

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