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9 Tips for Improving Your Electric Bike’s Range

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If you like cycling but lack of bike range, are you not enjoying your trip? Then you need to improve your bike’s range for excellent riding experience. If you have an electric bike, then you must be concerned about its range. By taking the proper maintenance and choosing the right battery and parts, you can improve the range of your bike.

Good gravel bike is a popular bike to the riders. An electric bike will be the best choice for you to keep yourself fit, healthy, avoid traffic, and participate in the bike race. In this article, I will give you some tips from my personal experience to improve your electric bike range.

What factors affect the Bike Range?

The electric bike is the latest bicycle, which is much different from the traditional cycle. Whenever you are using the electric bike some traits can affect its range like its battery size, battery age, pedal capability, proper charging quality, offloading more weight, state of the gear, etc.

➢ Battery Size

The battery is a crucial part of the e-bike. Whenever you are choosing the bike battery keeping mind that a large battery provides you more power and voltage.

➢ Age of the Battery

You can use an e-bike battery maximum for two years. If the battery is running for a long time you need to replace this battery.

It will be best if it is possible to change the bike’s battery every year. By taking the proper maintenance you can increase its longevity.

➢ Pedal Capability

There are different types of pedal options on the electric bike. There is an opportunity to combine your power with the battery or solely use battery power. Depending only on the battery power can run out the battery quicker.

➢ Proper Charging

without correctly charging the bike’s battery it will not run for a long time. Do not consume charges completely, it can affect the efficiency of the battery.

➢ Offloading More Weights

You can avoid offloading more weight on the bike to improve the rage of your bike. Because of more pressure on the bike, it will not run smoothly.

➢ Shifting down the Gear

If you always use the lower gear it can affect on improving bike range. By shifting up the gear you can easily increase the electric bike range.


9 Tips for Improving Your Electric Bike’s Range

By considering some factors, it is possible to improve the electric bike range. Below we listed the tips for improvements.

  1. Stay charged up

The battery is known as the heart of the electric bike. Before every ride, you need to charge your bike’s battery properly. Without proper charging, you can not ride for a long distance.


To keep the battery state well and long-lasting as well you need to charge it appropriately after every ride. Always charge the battery when its temperature is normal, and after fully charged, do not connect it with the charger.


  1. Store battery indoor properly

Returning home after a ride, you should not keep your bike outside the home. Because the sunlight can affect the battery and destroy the lifespan of the cell.


So keep the battery inside the household to cool down the battery. Store it in a dry place to keep the battery safe from the damp and humid environment. Do not drain the battery entirely dead because it may affect the battery life.


  1. Adapt a higher voltage battery

Using the more top voltage battery is the easy and quickest way to improve the electric bike range. You can check the meter and measure your battery’s voltage.


After measuring the voltage, you can upgrade your bike battery 36V to 52V to ensure covering the high range.


  1. Use a secondary battery and charger

You can carry an extra battery and charger all time. If there is an emergency and you have to rush out, but your bike is not adequately charged, at that time, an extra battery will help you to support it.


Whenever you are going for an extended tour, you should carry both of these. It will back you up in the emergency. A secondary charger will help you to keep charging your battery to travel in the long-distance.


  1. Avoid Stopping & Starting a Lot

For a better energy constant rate, you need to start riding from one point and stop your bike at the ultimate destination. It does not mean that you will not stop your bike at the signal.


You can pause for some time, but you should avoid too much starting and stopping your bike. Try to cover the maximum distance on a single battery charge.


  1. Lubricate the wheels and chains

The smoothness of the wheel is a crucial factor while you are considering improving the electric bike range. To get a smooth and active wheel when driving, you need to use lubricate in the wheel.


The chain of the bike gets rough quickly, so keep your bike chain smooth by maintaining it properly and use oil in the chain. By using the oil on the bike chain, you will get a friction-free and smooth ride.


  1. Use thinner tires

Choosing the right tier is another factor that helps to improve the electric bike range. For getting more speed on your bike, you can use the thinner tiers and enhance the range of your bike.


You can find both thin and heavy tires on the e-bike. To participate in the racing, the thinner tier will be the best choice for you. By using it you can drive smoothly on the road, sand or wherever you want.


  1. The right tires pressure

For improving the bike range, another thing you must consider is its tier pressure. For different situations, you need to adjust the tire pressure levels. If you are riding on the hard or smooth surfaced road, you need a good pressure on the tire.


Unless measuring the right pressure on the tire, you will not enjoy your drive. Without less air inside the tire, you can not drive properly, and your bike will slow down while driving.


  1. Gear and pedal properly

Selecting the right gear for an electric bike depends on your speed. Increase the gear when you want to speed up your electric bike and lower it when slowing down the bike. To save your bike battery power, keep your bike’s gear on high.


To support the motor and increase the lifespan of the battery, you can padel your e-bike.  So while you are pedaling, you can gear down your bike and enjoy riding with saving the power of the battery as well.

Final words

For the faster, flexible, and smooth-riding, an eclectic bike is the best for you. Because of different reasons, your bike is getting slower. It is your responsibility to take the proper initiative and maintenance so you can improve its range.


There are a few factors that you need to keep in mind. Considering its charging quality, battery, gear, lubricate on-chain, tier pressure, etc. that we have mentioned above you can quickly improve your electric bike range.

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