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6 Tricks You Must Know When Using DYU Ebike

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  1. Different model while cycling

Riding mode 2+1:Pure electric mode, assist mode, fitness mode

Riding mode is optional. After enjoying the pure electric power mode, you can switch to fitness mode and sweat a lot when you run out of power or just want to ride by yourself.

DYU Smart Bike meets your most comprehensive needs.


  1. APP Control

Don’t forget to download our app.

Our app maintains many functions such as speed and riding track, battery condition, charging remind, bike conditions monitor and so on.

App control can know the condition of the bike at any time. Don’t lose sight of the usefulness of apps, which can help you present all the information you need in a more straightforward way.


3. Can be matched with basket and seat 

Some products can be installed in the car basket and seat.

If you have a need to put something in the e-bike or take a baby with you.

Click here to check out more details:https://dyu.dyuglobal.com/shop/


  1. Selectable charging

Removing charging or On-Bike Charging

There are two charging modes for our new design bikes. You can choose to charge with the car or take out the battery to charge. The battery can be easily taken home to charge, saving the trouble of not finding a place to charge.It can easily for you to make sure the battery is always fully charged.


  1. Easy to carry

DYU Smart Bike can easy to lifted up by one hand and put in the trunk.

Most of the DYU Smart Bike is collapsible and small in size, light in weight.

Best choice for worker and hipster.


  1. Exported to more than 50 countries

DYU Smart Bike exports to many countries, there is no need to worry about purchasing problems.

Don’t hesitate to place your order now if you’re already wanting one !

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