Have you always been considering how to improve your e-bike range, but don’t know how?

Before you ride an e-bike, there are 6 creative ways you should know.


  • Make sure the battery is fully charged before riding

This is the most basic one but also the most overlooked one, always check your battery before a long riding.


  • Adjust your seat height to improve comfort

Wrong seat-height can increase your pain on riding, which may lead less pedaling and decrease your range.


  • Adjust your riding posture

According to aerodynamics to improve your riding posture can make your riding more efficient.


  • Shift to an easier gear before you need it

Never expect to have much range throughout the day when you only use pure electric model.


  • Ride down the winds

Improving body position will definitely help you navigate the wind more efficiently.


  • Less weight

The total weight includes the E-Bike will also affect the range.

Check your bag to remove those unnecessary items before riding. You will find something amazing.



E-Bike range always depends on many factors.

You should always keep in mind these basic rules so that they can improve your E-Bike range easily.

Have a great ride!

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