Summer rainy day is coming and protecting the ebikes from the water becomes a common issue among all the electric vehicles. So we summarized a few tips for you to make your riding with DYU more smooth.

Tip 1 Wrap up the throttle to keep dry

When the electric bicycle must be parked outdoors in rainy days, it is recommended to wrap the throttle and brake at the handle with a plastic bag; when riding, wrap the throttle and brake lever with a raincoat.

3 tips to use your DYU ebike in the summer rainy days

Tip 2 Dry up the controller to solve the problem

If there is water in the controller, you need to open the controller, find someone to open it and wipe it clean, then seal it up, or try another controller, 80% of the problems can be solved.


Tip 3 Clean your e-bike after riding

After your rainy ride, be sure to take a few minutes to clean and dry your electric bike.
DYU ebike is a very cost effective and efficient form of transportation. It works well for recreational riding, basic transportation, or serious commuting. But it does need maintenance, and simply taking the time to clean and dry it after a wet ride can significantly increase its longevity.

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