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2021 DYU Newest Design of Electric Bike Egret L1 is Available Get a Wholesale Price Now

DYU L1 Smart Electric Bike

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We have unveiled the latest generation of the newest design of Electric Bike called Egret L1. It’s now available to sell in retail and wholesale.

Here are vital things you need to know about the Newest design of DYU Egret L1.

Unlike the traditional design of DYU, the creation of Egret L1 is inspired by the appearance of the Noble and Elegant Egret Bird.

Main progress with other DYU E-Bike 

  • Technolgy use of DTST Intelligent algorithm: Just for running 10km more.
  • Newest Design: Inspired by the egret bird combined with ergonomics that combines beauty and talent.
  • Loaded with GPS: Combined with APP, it can record the riding track prevention of burglary.
  • Lager Battery: Automobile grade lithium battery+Dual BMS protection.
  • Better visibility of riding conditions: As an information display centre of the E-Bike, the LED Digital Instrument panel displays the driving status of the E-Bike.
  • Removeable and Hidden Battery: The battery was hidden under the seat, and it only weighs 4kg.

DYU Egret L1 is quite different from DYU usual E-Bike. Be one of the first to experience L1 before anyone else!

Contact us for retail and wholesale prices here.

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